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I’m sorry.

that i haven’t posted in a while. Gotcha didn’t I?

Well being a 14 year old means that you can legally get a job. Yesterday was my first day at work. Just let me tell you, being a cashier is boring. I tried to finish watching Borat, but my “boss” said it was unprofessional. I got up to the part were Borat and Azamat were fighting, naked. Sascha Baron Cohen is amazing. I can’t wait for Bruno. Back on topic, it was very dull. The most interesting thing I saw was a couple. Yesterday was father’s day right?

Man: Is today father’s day?

Me: Yes it is.

Man: I am a father.

Women: No you’re not.

Man: I will be.

*Man slaps his lady’s ass. I laughed inside my head.

As you can see that was the most interesting thing. Being a cashier sucks. FML. Go to school. Don’t do drugs. Or else you’ll end up being a cashier.




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