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People I Would Like To Meet… (Part 1)

Sorry for the limited amount of posts recently.

I’ve been sick and sleeping all day. o.o;;;

So, people I would like to meet,

Sinbad: Legend of the Several Badass Sailors on a Boat

First of all….


This guy is the most badass sailor ever. Watching his movie is like watching Jason and the Argonauts except Sinbad goes on his quest to find a book, not golden fleece.

This guy goes through hell (literally) to find this freaking book which apparently has the sun inside of it. He fights water whores, a giant turtle and an Articuno all while hitting on some other guy’s future wife.

The best fight was with the Articuno. Sinbad’s girlfriend got picked up after the god of Chaos decided to be a douchebag and make the water around his ship freeze. Sinbad shot himself out of a giant crossbow and then stabbed the mountain with knives until he got to the top. Then, he grabs the girl and snowboards down the mountain, without a snowboard. The Articuno gets buried in rocks and Sinbad rushes off.

Rock throw only does 50 damage, though.... BADASS.

Rock throw only does 50 damage, though.... BADASS.

Then, Sinbad uses his crazy kickassness to make his boat able to fly to the realm of chaos. That’s at the end of the earth, where about 5000 ships have fallen off and died, but not his, his ship is held up by the power of several burly men and one Mexican guy who can fly.

And a dog. A dog strong enough to hold back several burly men when they want to go have sex with water whores.

Those are whores, made of water.

If I could meet Sinbad, I would fist bump with him. Then, we’d hit up Chuck e’ Cheeses.

Where a man can be a man.

-DongSaeng out

(I’ll be out from today to Sunday. Come rob my house.)




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