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one day with an iPhone. . .

So my cousin went out and I was stuck in Puyallup, which sucks without the fair (I’m fucking serious). He said I could play with his iPhone. In about 5 minutes, I promptly and accidently fucked it up.

whorse feeder v2

Exclusive screens of my new iPhone app, Whorse Feeder V2 (Version 1 pending) I hope it gets through the app-screening process.

Apparently he used some kind of fake orange thing to put on his T-Mobile SIM card. I updated his iPhone and fucked it up. It’s kind of ironic, since an update is supposed to update not downdate. :( However I managed to put like a shitload of apps. I’m going to review some of them.


Mr. Papi

PapiJump has shit graphics. I’m not kidding.  I guess the guy who made this was like gameplay>graphics. You just jump up. Tilt to turn. However after playing PapiJump for an hour straight. I have to say, it’s fucking addicting. One of the worst things about this game is that it’s so addictive, I might get carpal tunnel.

Another game made by the same guy is PapiRiver, in which Mr. Papi floats down a river it’s basically PapiJump, except he’s going down. How fucking original.

Next I played PapiLand which is basically 3D PapiJump. But there’s a twist! You have to eat hamburgers to pass stages. I don’t think the weight he loses jumping, makes up for all the burgers he eats.

PapiCatch is basically Mr. Papi trying to catch an infinite amount of hamburgers by touch or tilt. The creator is what a creator should be, creative. His games are fresh and new and exciting.

Oh wait there is more originality. There’s PapiMissile where he does not eat hamburgers, and instead shoots missiles at other missiles. :l Oh yeah, there’s 3 Mr. Papi(s) in that game.

Another exiciting game from the creators of all the fucking Papi games is PapiPole, where Mr. Papi stands on a pole and tries to eat hamburgers.

Seriously, Mr. Papi go on a fucking diet, or else your next game will be about losing weight.

Facebook is a pretty cool app, but you can’t play Pet Society on it, and Pet Society is what Facebook was made for, so it kind of ruins the point. :(

I also tried FMyLife(Fuck my life) which is basically the website condensed into a iPhone-friendly app. It’s a great time waster since I wasted 1 hour on it.

Google Earth for iPhone is pretty amazing, but it lags quite a bit. It’s not as amazing as it is on the computer. It needs more amazing.

Heh, I almost broke the iPhone playing BubbleWrap. Too bad I suck at it.

Finally, my favorite game is undoubtly Tap Tap. Tap Tap is like DDR for your fingers. Just like in DDR if you use two dancepads, if you play two player mode as one player, you’re hard to the fucking core. It has pretty trippy graphics too. One of the worst things about this game, is that it has a 3OH!3 song. They’re fucking horrid, but also pretty catchy. I have “shush girl, shut your lips do the hellen keller and talk with your lips” on repeat in my head.

The iPhone is pretty cool I must say. However it’s not that fucking great. iPod touch+Cell phone = cheaper. The only thing I learned is to never trust a ho.


tag: the power of paint

hmmm. paint. . .  Sounds very exciting doesn’t it? Paint sounds sooooooo cool. I love watching paint dry. Now a video game about paint, a indie one nonetheless. Sounds cool right? My first reaction was of disgust. How could a video game about “the Power Of Paint”, be awesome?  Paint doesn’t have any powers. Also, it’s by the students from the highly prestigious DigiPen academy. How could those be ingredients for an awesome video game? It can’t That’s what you thought before. . . you played TAG: THE POWER OF PAINT!

Tag: The Power Of Paint

Tag: The Power Of Paint

That’s a pretty wicked titlescreen. Tag is in an FPS view like halo, but its a platformer. You get unlimited paint, and you spray it everywhere. Each color of paint has a unique power when you touch it. If you go on green paint you jump, blue you stick to it and red you run super fast.

Pretty cool. The graphics are highly stylized, and it has kind of a unique look. Bring colour to a colourless world.

Ah, if you’re immature enough, you could write penis on walls.

The actual game is short, if you have skills you can complete it short of 20 minutes or so, because there are only 5 levels.However there isn’t a level select screen so if you want to show of the game, you have to go to the tutorials.

This kind of gameplay is extremely fun, and has high replayablity. What this game needs multiplayer maybe like capture the flag mode, and a level editor.

This game is good for killing a hour.

Gameplay: 10/10 Perfect, maybe fix some stuff up.

Content: 6/10 Needs more levels, and multiplayer

Graphics: 8/10 Good I guess, fits with the feel

Total Score= 80% B-

Did I mention this is FREE? GO INDIE REVOLUTION!


Let’s Find Pokémon 2

Hey guys,

For anyone 18+

I recently rented “Let’s Find Pokémon 2” from the library because I really thought it would suit my tastes (and because the levels Pokemon evolve at are listed on the inside cover). It’s a hardcover book with about 12 pages. It’s much like “Where’s Waldo” except cooler. You see, you’re not finding a tall, skinny man with bad fashion sense, you, my friend, are searching for Pokémon.

I was quite surprised when I opened the book because I could find  no tall grass anywhere. That’s where I usually find Pokemon, why should it be different in a book? Instead, I fought places like Silph Co, Fuchsia City Beach and half of Pewter City (a page was missing).  I was amazed. Each page had almost 151 Pokémon on it (some Pokémon only appeared once in the book, adding an extra challenge).

Still, after about 4 hours of ogling at the pictures and looking for my favorite Pokémon, the default puzzles offered were quite disappointing, here’s a sample question:



The hardest page was Pewter City, which I mentioned earlier, because 2 of the Pokémon you needed to find were off partying on the goddamn page some little kid must have pulled out of the book to ruin my fun.

Oh wait, scratch that. I turned to this one page, it has like 200 Pikachus and you need to find 6 specific ones. Also… (Spoiler ahead)


All in all, I really love this book. It has enough Pokemon for about 40 people at the same time and they aren’t all hiding in the tall grass like they do in games. I would rent it from the library if I were you.

Pictures – 10/10

Challenge – 7/10

Content – 9/10

Total:  86%  B+

To buy this amazing book:

DongSaeng Out



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