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in first 2 screenshots, chikorita is following you around. could that be like yellow?

in the last one gold is talking to lucas, the guy from DPPt. o-o what could that mean?’


I FUCKING CAME My other post about heart gold

hahahahha more things

new corocoro scans!





FUCK AWESOME Those 2 are supposed to Ho-Oh and Lugia.

GSC remake is going to be bomb. For those you non-weaboos, it’s Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver If this is for the DSI, I’m going to buy one right now. The official announcement will be on Pokemon Sunday, that one Pokemon TV show in Japan. CoroCoro magazine will be released on the 15th and probably will have some more screens too. Since it’s like the 10 year anniversary, I bet they’ll be released on the same day as Gold and Silver(November 21). We got Platinum 4 months after Japan, so maybe it’ll come for spring of next year, but I’ll just play it on my R4.

Nothing else has been told, except for newer graphics, sounds. Think FireRed, LeafGreen. Bulbapedia link. Official Website.

Google translate:

The popular RPG series in November 1999 as the first Game Boy was released on Monday (GB) software for Pocket Monsters Gold, Silver, Nintendo DS is a remake for the Gold, Silver, Heart of Seoul, was released in the fall as that is 7 days, according to police. 新要素を追加して、10年ぶりに“ジョウト地方”が復活する。 To add a new element, 10 years after “local JOUTO” resurrection.

ゲームボーイ版の金銀ゲーム画面 Screen version of Game Boy games gold

初代シリーズの『ポケットモンスター 赤・緑・青・ピカチュウ』に続き、初の新規シリーズとして全世界で2300万本という驚異的な売上げを記録した『金・銀』が遂に復活。 The first series of red, green and blue Pokemon Pikachu’s more, the world’s first all new 2300 series has an astonishing record sales of 10,000 gold, silver, finally revived. GB版には登場しなかったモンスターをはじめ、様々な新要素が追加される。 GB version, including the monster did not appear, and new elements are added.

ポケモンシリーズとしては、初代『赤・緑』が2004年に『ファイアレッド・リーフグリーン』としてゲームボーイアドバンス(GBA)向けに発売されて以来、今作がリメイク第2弾。 As POKEMONSHIRIZU, red, green is the first in 2004, Fire Red, Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance (GBA) has been released for the remake of his two series. またGBからGBAだった『赤・緑』とは異なり、今作はGBからGBAを飛び超えいきなりDSになることもあり、グラフィック、サウンド共に大幅なパワーアップになることは間違いなさそうだ。 GB from the GBA was also red and green, unlike GB’s now over the sudden jump from the GBA to the DS in graphics, can be both a significant power-up looks間違INA sound. 詳細は随時、公式サイトなどで公開される。 More frequently, and is published in the Official Site.”


Welcome to Pokemon FREAKING Tower

I hate Pokemon Tower so much.

I hate Pokemon Masters but loooovee Team Rocket

I hate Pokemon Masters but loooovee Team Rocket

It’s got ghosts, chanellers and an incredibly pissed off Marowak.

The Marowak lets Team Rocket go right by, not regarding them as intruders. But you, someone who spends more time with his Pokemon than with his mom, cannot be allowed onto the top floor of the freaking tower of Pokemon buried like 5,000 freaking years ago. No, first you need to beat your rival, kick the asses of about 15 chanelers and beat Team Rocket in their fucking casino before you’re  allowed to even challenge the Marowak without your level 100, 12′ 9″ Pokemon who gets scared out of it’s pants without a Silph Scope. That’s why I train my Pokemon to be blind.

When I catch a Pokemon, the first thing I do is stab its eyes out so it won’t get scared of the fucking ghosts. Still, it doesn’t ever work. Even when I force an Abra’s eyes open, just to stab



them out, it still gets scared. To scared to even use teleport and run away. What the fuck is this shit?

That’s not the only thing about the tower. The dialog spoken by every channeler sounds like the writer decided to take two knifes, stab them into both of his eyes and then bang his fist against the keyboard until it breaks. That’s why it costs $40 for the piece of dialog that each channeler says.

(Not much else to say… I need to play Pokemon Tower more…)

I guess I like stabbing eyes.

-I’m out

(Bad post, sorry… Look at this, instead)


:D This is a terrible book to write


Being Korean

Hey, sorry there was no post yesterday

I’m a Korean. I love Korea. I love Korean food. I love Korean girls. I love Korea in general. Being Korean is great, it’s a little like, what do you call it, oh yeah,

A coincedence? I think not.

A coincedence? I think not.

Oh yeah, I also love Starcraft. All Koreans love Starcraft. It’s the national sport there. What do you do if you live in Korea and also hate Starcraft? Simple, don’t live in Korea.



Hm. So, Korean parents, like all other Asian parents, care so very much about grades. So much, actually, that they seem like pylons, which are basically the foundation of a Starcraft society. To construct anything, you must first consruct those mother fucking pylons.



“Ohh… So you want to ‘chill’ with your ‘homies’, eh? WELL CONSTRUCT PYLONS FIRST, DAMMIT!!”

I’m pretty sure my mom said that to be once, actually, except instead of “construct pylons” she said “get your grades up”. See what I mean?

Also, Korean parents seem to lean towards girls a bit more, I don’t know how that’s like Starcraft, unless a girl is represented by an Ultralisk. Backed by the power of two angry Korean parents, you don’t want to mess with one of those.

Being Korean is about as fun as playing Starcraft. Since there aren’t that many Koreans, hanging out with someone who burns with Korean pride makes people feel unique. I bet there are less than 10 Koreans at my school. Half of them are probably boys. So if girls are looking to be original, I’ve got a 1 to 4 chance they’ll ask me out first, sweet.

A Korean girl - dont worry, they get better with age

A Korean girl - don't worry, they get better with age

Yup, that’s right, I want to be asked out by a girl. You see, Korean guys are shy as fuck. They can’t ask a girl out with turning so red, they stop looking Korean and start the Native American flow. That’s the number one reason all the girls we like go off and get hitched with white guys and we get stuck behind sucking dicks in the McDonald’s bathroom, hoping a girl will accidentally walk into the stall and you’ll fall in love. Which of course, never happens because even though girls love McDonald’s bathrooms, they’ll somehow get the idea you’re gay because you’re sucking men’s dicks there.

This is weird to me since even though I do the most retarded things, I can’t talk one-on-one well with any girl except my mom. My mom is not a love interest. Neither is my little sister or any of my older sisters. I can have one-on-one talks with them, but no, when Korean people are  born (anywhere), Kim Jong Fucking Il comes can takes there ability to talk with girls away, you know why? Because he didn’t become a movie director, that’s why. Similar to why Hitler became what he became, he got rejected from art school. Art school, man, chill out, there’s no reason to kill like 10 million people.

Missiles Versus Aliens, Rated G, by Pixar and Kim Jong Il

Missiles Versus Aliens, Rated G, by Pixar and Kim Jong Il

Just give Kim Jong Il a movie deal! Maybe he’ll stop playing with nuclear bombs and being a dictator and shit. Come to think about it, a movie by him would be great. It would be called “Missile+House” and that’s all it would be for 90 minutes. Film of the fucking year.

Oh wow, look  what happened to the Ultralisk! See? It was just a phase.

Ask me out. Oh yah, you cant, bitch

Ask me out. Oh yah, you can't, bitch

Hmm.. To finish this post up, lets talk about the name “Chae”, the name given to me by my parents.

Well, it’s a girl’s name.

I think that explains itself.

-Dong Saeng out


Gaming in the Backseat

I am a backseat gamer.

I love to sit behind people and watch them play games.

I love to tell people that they suck at the game and try to get them to stop sucking. Just like what I’m doing right now with my friend William, who is currently sucking ass at Fallout 3.

Boom. Headshot

Boom. Headshot

I don’t think of backseat gaming as a bad thing. Some people can’t perform any tasks in video games, I’m here to help them, tell them how to shoot, tell them how to use VATS, pick things up and how to exit the fucking room they’ve been stuck in for about 10 goddamn minutes.

I’ve had to show people how to open their item menu, how to loot a corpse and how to repair items. It gets so annoying.

“Where do I go next?” – Follow the fucking green arrow

“How do I equip an item?” – Press “B” mother fucker

“Where should I go now?” – Green Arrow, bitch!!

I actually had to clear a whole metro station for William. You know why? It’s because he was too scared of the ghouls living there. He makes backseat gaming so much less fun. It’s not even backseat gaming anymore, he makes



me take the wheel, turning the whole thing into just “gaming”.

Even a backseat gamer like me who loves to help other gamers be the best that they can be cannot cope with all these shitty questions. And the thing is, after asking a question, the same question will often be asked a few minutes later, in a different context.

How dah I shoot again?

How dah I shoot again?

1) “How do I equip weapons?”

2) “How do I equip my rocket launcher?”

3) “How do I equip my pistol?”

4) “Stop choking me please.”

William has one the best trigger figure out of all of my friends. Still, it takes quite some time for him to learn anything new (he gets about 5 kills per death in Counter Strike Source, but he still only has a 2:1 ratio, started crappy? I think so). Gears of War, Fallout 3, both of them were hard for him to handle even though I was able to pick up both of them quite easily on my first plays.

How do I open my map again?

How do I open my map again?

Autism? No.

Cancer? No.

Stupidity? Perhaps.

Or maybe he’s really smart.  A ploy to stop me from backseat gaming the fuck out of him and instead just playing with him watching.

I mean, I play Fallout really fast and awesome, so it’s understandable. 10mm Pistol+Ghoul’s head.

It’s quite lovely.

My equations are harder. Experimental MIRV+8 nuclear missiles/Power Armor x Altitude= Bloody Mess, without the perk. Delicious.

-Chae out

P.S William will kick your ass at CounterStrike Source, no fucking joke.


tag: the power of paint

hmmm. paint. . .  Sounds very exciting doesn’t it? Paint sounds sooooooo cool. I love watching paint dry. Now a video game about paint, a indie one nonetheless. Sounds cool right? My first reaction was of disgust. How could a video game about “the Power Of Paint”, be awesome?  Paint doesn’t have any powers. Also, it’s by the students from the highly prestigious DigiPen academy. How could those be ingredients for an awesome video game? It can’t That’s what you thought before. . . you played TAG: THE POWER OF PAINT!

Tag: The Power Of Paint

Tag: The Power Of Paint

That’s a pretty wicked titlescreen. Tag is in an FPS view like halo, but its a platformer. You get unlimited paint, and you spray it everywhere. Each color of paint has a unique power when you touch it. If you go on green paint you jump, blue you stick to it and red you run super fast.

Pretty cool. The graphics are highly stylized, and it has kind of a unique look. Bring colour to a colourless world.

Ah, if you’re immature enough, you could write penis on walls.

The actual game is short, if you have skills you can complete it short of 20 minutes or so, because there are only 5 levels.However there isn’t a level select screen so if you want to show of the game, you have to go to the tutorials.

This kind of gameplay is extremely fun, and has high replayablity. What this game needs multiplayer maybe like capture the flag mode, and a level editor.

This game is good for killing a hour.

Gameplay: 10/10 Perfect, maybe fix some stuff up.

Content: 6/10 Needs more levels, and multiplayer

Graphics: 8/10 Good I guess, fits with the feel

Total Score= 80% B-

Did I mention this is FREE? GO INDIE REVOLUTION!



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