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I’m sorry.

that i haven’t posted in a while. Gotcha didn’t I?

Well being a 14 year old means that you can legally get a job. Yesterday was my first day at work. Just let me tell you, being a cashier is boring. I tried to finish watching Borat, but my “boss” said it was unprofessional. I got up to the part were Borat and Azamat were fighting, naked. Sascha Baron Cohen is amazing. I can’t wait for Bruno. Back on topic, it was very dull. The most interesting thing I saw was a couple. Yesterday was father’s day right?

Man: Is today father’s day?

Me: Yes it is.

Man: I am a father.

Women: No you’re not.

Man: I will be.

*Man slaps his lady’s ass. I laughed inside my head.

As you can see that was the most interesting thing. Being a cashier sucks. FML. Go to school. Don’t do drugs. Or else you’ll end up being a cashier.


one day with an iPhone. . .

So my cousin went out and I was stuck in Puyallup, which sucks without the fair (I’m fucking serious). He said I could play with his iPhone. In about 5 minutes, I promptly and accidently fucked it up.

whorse feeder v2

Exclusive screens of my new iPhone app, Whorse Feeder V2 (Version 1 pending) I hope it gets through the app-screening process.

Apparently he used some kind of fake orange thing to put on his T-Mobile SIM card. I updated his iPhone and fucked it up. It’s kind of ironic, since an update is supposed to update not downdate. :( However I managed to put like a shitload of apps. I’m going to review some of them.


Mr. Papi

PapiJump has shit graphics. I’m not kidding.  I guess the guy who made this was like gameplay>graphics. You just jump up. Tilt to turn. However after playing PapiJump for an hour straight. I have to say, it’s fucking addicting. One of the worst things about this game is that it’s so addictive, I might get carpal tunnel.

Another game made by the same guy is PapiRiver, in which Mr. Papi floats down a river it’s basically PapiJump, except he’s going down. How fucking original.

Next I played PapiLand which is basically 3D PapiJump. But there’s a twist! You have to eat hamburgers to pass stages. I don’t think the weight he loses jumping, makes up for all the burgers he eats.

PapiCatch is basically Mr. Papi trying to catch an infinite amount of hamburgers by touch or tilt. The creator is what a creator should be, creative. His games are fresh and new and exciting.

Oh wait there is more originality. There’s PapiMissile where he does not eat hamburgers, and instead shoots missiles at other missiles. :l Oh yeah, there’s 3 Mr. Papi(s) in that game.

Another exiciting game from the creators of all the fucking Papi games is PapiPole, where Mr. Papi stands on a pole and tries to eat hamburgers.

Seriously, Mr. Papi go on a fucking diet, or else your next game will be about losing weight.

Facebook is a pretty cool app, but you can’t play Pet Society on it, and Pet Society is what Facebook was made for, so it kind of ruins the point. :(

I also tried FMyLife(Fuck my life) which is basically the website condensed into a iPhone-friendly app. It’s a great time waster since I wasted 1 hour on it.

Google Earth for iPhone is pretty amazing, but it lags quite a bit. It’s not as amazing as it is on the computer. It needs more amazing.

Heh, I almost broke the iPhone playing BubbleWrap. Too bad I suck at it.

Finally, my favorite game is undoubtly Tap Tap. Tap Tap is like DDR for your fingers. Just like in DDR if you use two dancepads, if you play two player mode as one player, you’re hard to the fucking core. It has pretty trippy graphics too. One of the worst things about this game, is that it has a 3OH!3 song. They’re fucking horrid, but also pretty catchy. I have “shush girl, shut your lips do the hellen keller and talk with your lips” on repeat in my head.

The iPhone is pretty cool I must say. However it’s not that fucking great. iPod touch+Cell phone = cheaper. The only thing I learned is to never trust a ho.



click for high-res

in first 2 screenshots, chikorita is following you around. could that be like yellow?

in the last one gold is talking to lucas, the guy from DPPt. o-o what could that mean?’


I FUCKING CAME My other post about heart gold

hahahahha more things

new corocoro scans!


some cool people named david

(Future) Parents you should name your kid “David” because it’s a fucking awesome name.

  • 99 cent store

    99 Cent Store



    David Choe is a Korean American artist from LA. He dropped out of artschool to become a graffiti artist which is hella bad-ass. He’s also a fucking thief, and has been arrested from vandalism to assault. He’s been to some of the most dangerous places in the world like The Republic of Congo, and the Gaza strip. Right now, he’s currently homeless and according to himself “making good art and bad music”.

Choe got arrested for punching an undercover detective. He spend 4 months in solitary confinement, so he couldn’t draw normally. Guess how he drew his pictures in the jail? Soy sauce and his own piss. Pretty amazing actually.(Maybe NSFW)

That’s a lot of inspiration for an artist. I don’t think he’ll run out of shit to draw. Did I mention he likes to draw tits?  Also, he can draw with Cheeto dust. He has extensive skill in every fucking medium. He has fucking awesome murals Choe does what he wants to do. He’s a pretty cool guy too. You should check out his blog. Pretty trippy guy.

Click for high-res.

Click for high-res.

  • David Choi

Watch it in H:D. We need more Asian-American artists. That is all I’m going to say. His MyFace.

  • David Horvath along with his lovely Korean wife Sun-Min Kim, made Uglydolls, which are designer toys.


The whole thing all started when David sent to his (to-be)wife letters saying “I Miss You” and he would put a little cartoon of Wage(The orange one with the apron) near it. They later decide to make a doll out of Wage and that just grew and grew. Each one is fucking hand-made.

Apparently, they’re so ugly that they’re cute. o-o Their website is pretty trippy too.






FUCK AWESOME Those 2 are supposed to Ho-Oh and Lugia.

GSC remake is going to be bomb. For those you non-weaboos, it’s Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver If this is for the DSI, I’m going to buy one right now. The official announcement will be on Pokemon Sunday, that one Pokemon TV show in Japan. CoroCoro magazine will be released on the 15th and probably will have some more screens too. Since it’s like the 10 year anniversary, I bet they’ll be released on the same day as Gold and Silver(November 21). We got Platinum 4 months after Japan, so maybe it’ll come for spring of next year, but I’ll just play it on my R4.

Nothing else has been told, except for newer graphics, sounds. Think FireRed, LeafGreen. Bulbapedia link. Official Website.

Google translate:

The popular RPG series in November 1999 as the first Game Boy was released on Monday (GB) software for Pocket Monsters Gold, Silver, Nintendo DS is a remake for the Gold, Silver, Heart of Seoul, was released in the fall as that is 7 days, according to police. 新要素を追加して、10年ぶりに“ジョウト地方”が復活する。 To add a new element, 10 years after “local JOUTO” resurrection.

ゲームボーイ版の金銀ゲーム画面 Screen version of Game Boy games gold

初代シリーズの『ポケットモンスター 赤・緑・青・ピカチュウ』に続き、初の新規シリーズとして全世界で2300万本という驚異的な売上げを記録した『金・銀』が遂に復活。 The first series of red, green and blue Pokemon Pikachu’s more, the world’s first all new 2300 series has an astonishing record sales of 10,000 gold, silver, finally revived. GB版には登場しなかったモンスターをはじめ、様々な新要素が追加される。 GB version, including the monster did not appear, and new elements are added.

ポケモンシリーズとしては、初代『赤・緑』が2004年に『ファイアレッド・リーフグリーン』としてゲームボーイアドバンス(GBA)向けに発売されて以来、今作がリメイク第2弾。 As POKEMONSHIRIZU, red, green is the first in 2004, Fire Red, Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance (GBA) has been released for the remake of his two series. またGBからGBAだった『赤・緑』とは異なり、今作はGBからGBAを飛び超えいきなりDSになることもあり、グラフィック、サウンド共に大幅なパワーアップになることは間違いなさそうだ。 GB from the GBA was also red and green, unlike GB’s now over the sudden jump from the GBA to the DS in graphics, can be both a significant power-up looks間違INA sound. 詳細は随時、公式サイトなどで公開される。 More frequently, and is published in the Official Site.”


look at these fucking hipsters!


Fashion at it's finest.





I fucking love tumblr. i’m looking at these fucking hipsters while listening to the star fucking hipsters. it’s aight. I just noticed i write alot about fashion but i’m not into it. o-o  hyukmin out.


cuchini anti cameltoes

American women are too fucking insecure and too fucking self-conscious. There are over 32,000 boob jobs performed monthly, in 2006. The numbers are just going to rise up.

“Barbie Dolls, 2008

Depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006.

Partial zoom:

Detail at actual print size:

Pretty shocking. Stolen from here. You should check it out, it’s pretty cool.

Imagine if everyone of those barbies is a girl who just got a boobjob. TOO FUCKING SELF CONSCIOUS. EVEN HOT GIRLS GET BOOB JOBS.

Some girls even get butt jobs. Plastic surgery really lives up, to the name because it turn you plastic. Even men are getting more plastic surgery. It’s stupid.

Now with all that shit like pube shaving and Brazillian waxing. . .

Naturally, you get cameltoes.

A Camels Toe

A Camel's Toe

What’s wrong with cameltoes? It’s like having a boner for guys. You don’t have to be that self conscious.

You know what’s up with women? They like to put pads on everything they see, like their vaginas. Now they put pads under their panties. Meet the Cuchini.



“The Cuchini is a comfortable, light-weight material that adheres to any undergarment (panties, bikini, sports attire, etc).  It smoothes the ridges of a woman’s mons pubis(What the fuck is that?)  area providing a smooth and camouflaged appearance. This eliminates what is commonly known as “Camel Toe.”

The Cuchini products are designed by women to provide comfort and convenience.

As we have evolved, hair down there is a thing of the past.  As the landing strip and Brazilian wax have become prominent in today’s world, there is no bush for the cush. And though Camel Toe may be a  hot topic… it’s not to the gal sporting it!”

The Cuchini Pad

The Cuchini Pad is a product used to smooth the ridges of a woman’s mons pubis area, providing a sleek and camouflaged appearance.  The Cuchini eliminates what is commonly known as “Camel Toe.”


Place “Cuchini Pad” into bikini, lingerie, or sports attire, narrow side facing down, and adjust to personal preference.  For a more secure placement two-sided tape is included.”

I seriously did not see a difference.

I seriously did not see a difference.

They’re 2 for 15 dollars.

They’re slogan is even “our lips or sealed”. By that I think they mean vagina lips. o-o It’s even called the Cuchini. Is that like cooch in Italian?

I fucking hate society. Look at yourselves.



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