Merry Christmas to the 2 or 3 people who ever read this.

I still haven’t gotten off my lazy ass and posted anything good, meaning my 2 or 3 readers has probably dropped to 0 or 1.But OH WELL.

Let me tell you something about Christmas. It’s about giving people expensive gifts.

That’s it.

Some of my quote: “smart friends” (double quote) call this holiday (Christmas, not Chan Ukh Hah) “American Consumerism Day.”

This is why I said quote (actually, double quote). It’s because I was quoting someone. I didn’t actually say they were smart, someone else did (probably another quote: “smart friend” (double quote)) (double parentheses).

These guys are fucking retards.

On every calender, the 25th of December is listed as “Christmas.” (quote) The word “Christmas” (quote) is the correct spelling of the word “Christmas.” (quote) I know for a fact that in America, you spell “Christmas” (quote) “Christmas” (quote).

These quote: “smart friends” (back to double quote) of mine cannot even spell “Christmas.” They’re spelling it “American Consumerism Day.”

Damn, I’m too tired to post.

I’m getting my Jewish friend something.

I’m engraving a baseball bat with “The Bear Jew.”



1 Response to “Christmas”

  1. April 7, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    haha funny. saw your blog through soompi>.>

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